Riot Games has launched Valorant today. In addition to the game’s launch, the developer has released news about a new character, mode, map and the first official V1 patch notes. Those of you who participated in the beta will notice some robust changes to the game’s core along with the new Spike Rush game mode. In addition, the new map called Ascent will also be available.

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The biggest addition to Valorant is the new playable character called Reyna. Riot Games describes her as a “big “get frags” agent who needs to get kills in order to power up her special abilities. Riot explains that if Reyna does not get kills, she is near-useless.

Along with the new map, mode and character, existing Valorant heroes such as Sage, Omen, Pheonix, Raze and Jett have all been tweaked. The game has also received some performance tweaks to keep framerates steady.

Valorant Riot Games

Riot Games also released a new “community code” agreement which players will need to accept when booting into the game for the first time. This code outlines the way players are meant to treat each other. In addition, those who don’t follow the guidelines will get a 72-hour block that prevents them from chatting in the “all” and “team” chat. However, blocked players can still chat in groups with friends.

You can read through the full patch notes for the game here. It is quite a list of changes.

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