Valorant PS4 Version References Found in Game Files

Valorant Release Date PS4 Xbox One Riot Games
Valorant PS4 Version References Found in Game Files

Riot Games could be working on a Valorant for PS4. While the developer claimed its primary focus is PC for now, the League of Legends creator might be working on a PS4 version of the game. According to Twitter user @ValorantLeaked, the latest game files include PS4 references.

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According to the code, Riot Games included multiple new Valorant .pak files that point to PS4 references. Wccftech claims to have contacted @ValorantLeaked and according to the user, the .pak files are where game files are stored.

Valorant PS4 Xbox One Riot Games

The user mentioned that the .pak files could also be strings from the Unreal Engine. Riot Games used the engine to make Valorant and often, these UE games store platform information in the .pak files. There’s also mention of iOS and Android references in the files. With that being said, there’s still a large possibility of Valorant headed to PS4 and other platforms in the future. References to a Valorant Xbox version have not been found yet.

Until Riot Games announces a Valorant PS4 or Xbox version, take this with a pinch of salt. Often these references mean nothing but sometimes they leak possible future platforms. With the game’s success, let’s hope Riot has plans to release on other platforms soon. Perhaps a PS5 and Xbox Series X version? One can only hope.

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