Valve Adds Holiday Snow and Festive Chickens to CS: GO
Valve Adds Holiday Snow and Festive Chickens to CS: GO
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Valve unleashed the first CS: GO Operation in over two years, Operation Shattered Web, last month and the developer continues to improve the game on Steam with updates. This latest update adds holiday cheer to the game in the form of festive chickens (they have little sweaters on) as well as snow and the ability to throw snowballs at your friends.

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Valve didn’t give an end date for the festive CS: GO theme, but expect it to run until early January as is the tradition. Alongside the holiday cheer, Valve also added the 2020 Service Medal, which will become available on 1 January 2020.

Valve explains the festive season in CS: GO in a new blog post also featuring the Sniper’s Den mission for Operation Shattered Web:

It is that magical time of year once again, the Ts have wrapped up their special package, the chickens put on their holiday sweaters, and you can toss a few snowballs at your friends.

You can read the full CS: GO update notes from Valve below:


  • It started snowing and the winter season fun begins which includes snowballs, festive chickens, and freeze frame holiday borders.
  • Added 2020 Service Medal to be awarded for outstanding service and achievement starting from January 1, 2020 GMT.
  • Adjusted weights on several end of match accolades.
  • Removed a sound debug command.


  • Updated nav mesh for Office to prevent bots sometimes getting stuck.
  • Updated Jungle.

It’s always fun to see those festive chickens in the game during this time of the year and from the looks of it, the update went down smoothly.

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What do you think about the returning festivities in CS: GO and the latest update from Valve on Steam? Let us know in the comment section below.

Gaming | PC | Valve Adds Holiday Snow and Festive Chickens to CS: GO
Gaming | PC | Valve Adds Holiday Snow and Festive Chickens to CS: GO






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