As you might know by now, Valve has really woken up lately, as the developer announced Half-Life: Alyx, released the first CS: GO Operation in over two years, released Steam Remote Play Together and more. In the early hours of this morning, Valve has deleted over 1000 games on Steam, cleaning up the clogged storefront in what is clearly another item on the developer’s to-do list.

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As first spotted by Reddit user thomasthe1st, Valve started deleting games from Steam at roughly 01:00 SAST today, 26 November 2019. This is according to the banned list on’s Steam tracker, which is pretty accurate.

By my count, over 1000 games have been “banned” or deleted from Steam and the list is still growing at the time of writing. Most of these games are really poor quality nothing titles and clog up the Steam storefront, but there are a few exceptions, for example, Masha Rescues Grandma, a little puzzle/adventure title that has seen an average of “mostly positive” user reviews from over 50 gamers in total. There are also a few titles that have seen over 1000 “very positive” user reviews that are now deleted from Steam, with a prime example being Electric Highways.

It is a bit strange that some of these titles have been deleted, but the bulk of them are definitely nothing, worthless “games” so maybe some have been deleted by mistake. Hopefully, Valve will reverse some of the bans and just keep on scrubbing down the Steam Storefront of all those useless titles nobody wants to touch.

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What do you think about Valve cleaning up the storefront by deleting over 1000 games from the store? Has anything you’ve played been removed from the store? Let us know in the comment section below.


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