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Valve Might Reportedly be Working on a New Game Code-Named Citadel

Gabe Logan Newell, better known to the internet as GabeN, joked about that magical and elusive number 3 late last month when speaking to employees about Valve’s high-end VR headset, saying that “Maybe someday, the number two will lead us to that shiny integer glowing on the mountain someplace.” Now, there’s a report from Valve News Network detailing that hints to a new Valve game, code-named Citadel, is being worked on by Valve.

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Remember, this is a code-name so the game’s actual title won’t be Citadel. Valve News Network’s Tyler McVicker explains (in a video which you can view at the bottom of this article) that the community has unearthed references to Citadel in a low-level engine update for Dota 2.

Citadel is apparently being created using the Source 2 engine and it is not the flagship VR game that Valve teased earlier this year, but instead, a totally new project based on the Source 2 engine. References in the code have been found, pointing towards Citadel having “a lot of things related to stealth, AI pathfinding, and a top-view minimap.”

Keep in mind that there is absolutely no confirmation that this is a Half-Life game and Citadel reportedly uses a very similar Source 2 engine build as Dota 2. However, the engine is extremely flexible, so one can’t rule out a new Half-Life, Team Fortress or even Portal game right now.

Everyone and their pet headcrab wants a new Half-Life game but honestly, we shouldn’t get our hopes up. Please remember to take this rumour about Valve’s Citadel with a large helping of salt until such time as the game is officially announced.

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Check out the full video from Valve News Network explaining this rumour in detail about Valve’s possible next game code-named Citadel below, then tell us what you think in the comment section.

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