Valve Reveals New Dota 2 Hero Called Snapfire
Snapfire will be heading to a Dota 2 pub match near you before the end of this year
New Dota 2 hero snapfire
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During The International 2019, Valve revealed a new hero called Snapfire that will be released in “Fall 2019” which for South Africans, is in the coming months. This new Dota 2 hero will be the 116th one and Snapfire looks absolutely crazy. Snapfire was revealed in a short cinematic (view at the bottom of this article) leaving the community to guess at what her skills will look like and what position she will fill.

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For me, Snapfire simply looks awesome. An elderly lady from the Keen Folk (like Timbersaw and Tinker), which we see baking cookies before things escalate, quickly. We see her buffing up Invoker by throwing him a cookie, which makes him look stronger and move faster.

Snapfire can also ride a lizard as we see her chasing Batrider and keeping up with him. This isn’t any old lizard, as it has a giant machine gun mounted on it. This could indicate a speed boost skill. Then, we have her attack, as old Snapfire has a shotgun which she blasts foes with. In the video, you can see a knockback effect which could be a hero skill or embedded in her basic attack.

Valve will probably reveal more about Snapfire in the coming months and it will be very interesting to see the hero’s skills. For me, the new Dota 2 hero definitely looks like a support, so we will probably see a lot of mid picks for her in pub games when she releases.

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Check out the reveal video for the new Dota 2 hero below and then tell us what you think about her and what skills you think she will have in the comment section below.

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