Valve Reveals Plan to Handle Dota 2 Smurfs

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Valve Reveals Plan to Handle Dota 2 Smurfs

If you’ve played Ranked matches, then there is no doubt you have run into some Dota 2 smurfs on Steam along the way. Smurfing is when players (normally very high skill players) create new accounts and basically pretend as if they are new players, crushing everyone until they finally reach their true MMR once again. Valve touched on the topic of Dota 2 smurfs earlier this month revealing that they do have a plan in the works.

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Valve has now shared their plan to combat smurfs and no, it isn’t banning the accounts. Instead, Dota 2 smurfs will gain MMR faster and faster until they reach matches with their real skill level. Valve started with just measuring and tagging players that continuously performed way above the skill level of the matches they were playing in without taking action to test the Dota 2 smurfs detection mechanisms.

We feel ready to activate the rank adjustment portion of the changes. The system searches for players that frequently perform significantly above their current skill bracket, and applies an MMR increase to those players until they’ve reached a skill bracket where they’re no longer over performing. We’re starting conservatively with the amount of adjustments we are making per game, and we’ll be tweaking these values as we gain confidence in its results.

This should minimize the impact of smurfing going forward but Valve also explained they need Dota 2 players on Steam to help out. You can do this by sending the Match ID and which hero you think was played by a smurf to Valve, specifically developer Cameron on Reddit so they can cross-reference it with their system.

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What do you think about Valve’s plan to combat smurfs and have you run into any obvious smurfs in Dota 2 ranked matches? Let us know in the comment section below.

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