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Valve Says Making an OLED Steam Deck is Not a Simple Task

The Steam Deck continues to sell relatively well as a new portable PC system dedicated to playing Steam games but fans wonder if an upgraded model would ever implement an OLED display. According to Valve, this isn’t as easy as some people might think. The company explained in a recent interview that while an OLED Steam Deck is possible, the resources required to make it work would be quite a heavy task.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Steam Deck developer Pierre-Lou Griffais explained that Valve is well-aware of fan demand for an OLED display on the device as they feel the current IPS LCD screen could be improved. “We also want it to be better,” said Griffais. “We’re looking at all avenues.”

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Griffais elaborated on why implementing an OLED display wouldn’t be a simple task:

“I think people are looking at things like an incremental version and assume that it’s an easy drop-in. But in reality, the screen’s at the core of the device. Everything is anchored to it. Basically everything is architected around everything when you’re talking about a device that small. I think it would be a bigger amount of work than people are assuming it would be. I don’t think we’re discounting anything. But the idea that you could just swap in a new screen and be done – it would need more than that to be doable.”

While fan outcry for an improved screen is one of the device’s criticisms, Valve says its priority for the next iteration of the Steam Deck is to improve battery life. Griffais stated in an interview last year that the company has made considerable improvements to battery life since the device’s launch. “For example, we’ve made it possible to play refresh rates at 40 Hz, and we’re working hard to give users more control over how long their battery lasts,” said Griffais.

Valve seems committed to making new iterations of the Steam Deck with modest adjustments and improvements but those waiting for a better screen might have to wait a little longer.

Source: PC Gamer

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