Valve Takes on a Massive Moderation Task on Steam
Moderation task on Steam
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Let’s face it, discussions on Steam quickly turn into a cesspool and it has always been like that. This is especially true in discussions on individual games and things get nasty, quickly. Valve has been moderating profiles, user reviews and stuff like that for quite some time, but not on everything. Now, Valve has taken on a massive moderation task on Steam, where they will moderate individual game discussions.

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The moderation task on Steam

Valve has made some big changes to their policy for Steam this year so far. The first sexually explicit, uncensored game also appearing on the platform. With this new change in policy, Valve is moderating comments on individual game discussions, but only if said comment is reported. This means that Valve won’t be scanning the millions of comments to see if something breaks their rules.

In a detailed post, Valve explains that:

In the past, we’ve been hesitant to get involved in the moderation of individual game discussions, as we didn’t want to step on the toes of game developers that want to have their own style of communication with players and their own set of guidelines for behavior. But over time, we’ve been hearing from more and more game developers that would actually prefer for us to take a more active role in discussion boards, at least to the extent of handling posts that are reported by other players.

With this policy change and Valve undertaking this massive moderation task on Steam, maybe it will become a safer place for both gamers and developers. It will be interesting to see what comes out of all of this because we all know that mistakes during moderation of comments do occur.

Valve is now actively moderating comments on individual games. If you do see something in a game discussion, click that report button and put Valve to work.

What do you think about this task Valve is undertaking? Let us know in the comment section below.






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