Valve Unannounced Puzzle Game Portal 3
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Valve Working on Unannounced Puzzle Game – Fans Speculate Portal 3

Valve has apparently been working on an unannounced puzzle game since 2021 and fans think it could be Portal 3. The news comes from the LinkedIn profiles of two Valve employees who both listed their work on a new, mysterious puzzle game in development at the company. Since Valve’s in-house games are short on known puzzle titles, most fans jumped to the conclusion that it might finally be moving ahead with a third Portal game.

As spotted by Twitter user Faizan Shaikh, the LinkedIn profile of Michael Anderson, a former Valve level designer, was updated to list a game that he had worked on in 2021 where he “created a variety of prototypes with my team focused on ambitious, never-before-seen gameplay for an unannounced project.” Anderson also “developed AI, player mechanics, and puzzles from scratch.”

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Boyang Zhu, on the other hand, worked as an artist at Valve since 2014. Zhu’s profile doesn’t offer much information but it does list an unannounced title that he had been working on since January 2022. It’s unclear if this is the same game that Anderson’s profile mentions so we should take it with a grain of salt for now.

Fans quickly speculated that Valve could finally be working on Portal 3. Puzzles are synonymous with the Portal franchise as players must use a portal gun and various contraptions to solve environmental puzzles. The games were critically acclaimed for pushing innovation in game physics over a decade ago and a new entry is long overdue.

We’d dismiss the idea of a new Portal game entirely if it wasn’t for Valve recently announcing Counter-Strike 2, showing that the company might be back in full swing on game development again after spending the last decade releasing smaller games and updates without any major releases. Alongside Half-Life, Portal is one of the most beloved IPs under Valve so we’ve also got our fingers crossed that we’ll finally see the return of GLaDOS at some point.

Source: Faizan Shaikh

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