Vertagear SL2000 Gaming Chair Review – Comfort on a budget


As an owner of a DX Racer, my working and PC gaming environment is pretty set. The DX Racer offers some fantastic support in all areas especially on my back given that I am 192 CM tall. The issue with the DX Racer is the cost as it comes in ar R6499, well my model anyway. So what could you find on the market that offers the same amount of comfortableness at half the price? 

Well, the Vertagear SL2000 for starters. This budget gaming chair is one of the best I have ever used and considering it retails for R3599, it makes for a great entry level gaming chair. While it lacks the fanciness of the DX Racer in terms of memory foam, an extremely soft-padded seat and the same leather quality, if I was in the market for a new chair I would definitely look at the SL2000. 

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Setup and go!

The first time I ever set up a gaming chair was the DX Racer. It took me about an hour mainly because that I was a complete noob at these things, but I do somewhat enjoy these self-assemble tasks. Yes, I am that person that asks for my furniture to be delivered in pieces and I task myself to put it together. The Vertagear SL2000 was a breeze to set up and luckily it came with all the tools to do so without me needing to scratch in my box for the perfect hex key. 


The model I got to review as a sleek carbon black one that truly looks amazing once set up. Everything in the box was packed nicely and all I had to do was open each compartment and follow the instructions to install the base onto the seat, and the seat onto the backrest. Assembly was quick and easy. 

Sleek on a dime….sort of

The overall design of the SL2000 is great. Its made from a high-quality PVC material that feels great and breathes while you sit on it too. The material means it is easy to clean and with also withstand stains and marks. It also creates a high-end look and feel on the chair which is halfway to leather, but not at the high cost of it. 


Apart from the material, the chair is overall made of a high-quality internal build frame that offers stability and comfort. The lower end of chair's wheels are smooth and move around without the need of any effort (no really, I was scooting around my house on the chair like a child), and the back support also offers a great premium look and feel. We then also have the two added pillows that are for support. These two are made of the same material with the sleek Vertagear logo on them

Comfortableness is key

What is a gaming chair if not comfortable? The Vertagear SL2000 offers some pretty great specs to make sure that everyone who sits in it feels at home. The biggest draw for me was the larger hip space between the two armrests. The DX I have is big and I have no issues sitting in it, but the Vertagear SL2000 is almost half the space extra. This meant that my brother who has very wide hips could sit in it without any issues at all. It also boasts 150KG weight limit for those who are worried about it not being able to last with pressure. 


An overall session in the Vertagear was comfortable without it getting hard to sit or my back starting to ache. My only issue with the backrest is that the pillow that comes with it for your spine is hard and could have been softer and in turn form around my back. The headrest suffers from the same issue in which it is a bit too hard for comfort. Saying that you can take them off if you feel they are too hard, but then again they are meant to be there to support your body and what point do they have if they are off the chair? My DX Racer's back support is almost half the size and very soft and it makes a huge difference when it is on the chair, so it would not be ideal to take the Vertagear's pillow off in my opinion. 

The armrests are also great for long periods, especially while working and typing on a daily basis. My elbows did not feel compressed and uncomfortable at all while using the rests for support. They don't move in and out rather only up and down, but they are positioned well enough to naturally support you while sitting on the chair. 


The seating itself is great. Not as soft as my DX, but for the price offers fantastic gaming comfort. The seat bends forward a bit in the front when you toggle the arm at the bottom to allow for a more controllable seat, so if you are sitting on the edge, or close to it, the seat will adjust itself to suit your position. In every circumstance, the chair offered great support and comfort and a little tweaking of the height and hardness, and it was better than ever. 

Last but not least we have the mechanisms on the chair which include the back adjustment and the hydraulic lifter. These work like a charm and I had no issues at all lowering the chair and moving the back part of it down and up depending on how I was sitting. Most of the time the comfort of the chair allowed me to just sit in one position without the need to adjust it, so that goes a long way to show just how great the design of it is. 



The Vertagear SL2000 is an awesome gaming chair at an awesome price. Coming in at R3599 it truly pushes the limit of comfort and you feel like a true hardcore gaming sitting in it too. While it is not as high-end as the DX Racer range, it is half the price and almost feels like it has the same level of design and comfort of a chair that is almost double the cost. You cannot go wrong by looking at a Vertagear if you are in the market for an awesome gaming chair. 

This review is based on a review model sent to us for a period of two weeks from Evetech. The chair is available now for pre-order at the price of R3599

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