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The day is here, that day where our Facebook feed is full of cheesy “I love you” posts, engagement announcements, and of course let us not forget the Instagram feed full of cheap merchandise. While I could not give a hoot about Valentine's Day, it is always a nice time to look back at video game couples that have touched our hearts, and often been together longer than that friend who got engaged on Valentine's Day last year. If you are a hopeless romantic when it comes to these type of things, sit back and enjoy.

Spoiler: Many of these love stories ended in terrible tragedy, or somehow has given away the game's plot, so just know that possible spoilers may follow.

Yuna and Tidus – Final Fantasy X

Sitting in the dark at 3AM, I remember completing this masterpiece of a game, and witnessing one of the saddest moments in gaming. I ran to my mom screaming, as death finally became a reality to me, and I realized that one day I would have to say goodbye to the ones I love too.

The story of Yuna and Tidus will always be one of the most romantic tales ever told. The two come from very different worlds, but when Tidus decides that he will not let Yuna sacrifice herself to save the world by completing the Summoner's Pilgrimage, rather they will fight Sin and kill him for good, and set the wandering spirits free as a result. In doing so he set himself free, and had to say goodbye to Yuna. This is after an entire game of bonding, love, and passion. Yuna's last words to Tidus being “I love you” still sends chills down my spine today.

Sonic and Amy – Sonic the Hedgehog

Through everything Sonic has been through, there has always been an Amy standing by ready to chase his heart as fast as she can. The Sonic and Amy couple has been around for years already, since her debut back in 1993 on Sonic the Hedgehog (CD). Ever since then she has had the hots for Sonic, and we love her for that. If a woman wants something, she must fight for it, even if what she wants is a blue hedgehog with spiky hair that denies any feelings for her. Amy and Sonic make a great team, and one day we hope they settle down and have little Sonic Amy babies together. Below is a clip of all their crazy interactions together. 

Mario and Princess Peach

Although Mario has never come across as he actually had feelings for Peach, we pretty much gather that there has to be something behind his escapades around the Mushroom Kingdom to save her all the time. It must be a fetish of his to save the woman who is in distress. Princess Peach on the other hand always screams his name whenever something goes wrong, so she must care deeply for him, or she is just using him for his saving skills. Still, we have to love the couple, as they are cute together. There would be no Mario game without a Princess Peach to go save.

The Prince and Farah

You know when you start up a game and immediately you can see two characters ending up together? Well that was Prince of Persia when it released back on the PS2. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time was the first reboot since the classic platformer, and it starred Farah and her awesome kick-ass attitude. Sure she betrayed the Prince a few times by seducing him to run off with the dagger, but in the end she loved him dearly. The game always found a way to bring the two back together, even when the Prince used the power of the sands to turn back time, in order to save her from death. Imagine being able to turn back time and redo something to help a loved one?

Nathan and Elena 

To follow such a cute couple right from the start of an adventure, to end it with them living happily ever after, was something rare in a video game. We followed the story of Nathan and Elena, from meeting each other on the docks in the first game, to watching Elena fight with Nathan when he lied about his work in Uncharted 4. We have witnessed it all. Naughty Dog created the most lovable couple that are timeless together, and by the end of Uncharted 4, we knew that they would be together forever. 

What video game couples do you love the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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