Video Games Increase Aggressive Behaviour According to New Study
video games increase aggressive behaviour
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There’s a debate that is probably older than gaming itself, and that is if violent video games cause violence. As a gamer, reading about a study such as this with your palm pressed against your face is probably the best way of doing it. A new study claims to have found that video games increase aggressive behaviour, revealing their findings.

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Video Games Increase aggressive behaviour

The study (as reported by USA Today) was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on Monday. It is quite a massive international study. The study concludes that there is a link between violent video games and increased physical aggression in adolescents.

The report claims that the study includes more than 17,000 adolescents, from age 9 to 19, from 2010 to 2017. This is all from analysing studies from 24 different countries on the matter. Game franchises such as Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty were specifically mentioned. They even threw Manhunt into the mix as well.

Apparently, adolescents who play these types of games are more likely to exhibit behaviour such as fighting. They then get sent to the principal’s office for their actions.

Jay Hull, the lead author of this study, commented that:

Although no single research project is definitive, our research aims to provide the most current and compelling responses to key criticisms on this topic. Based on our findings, we feel it is clear that violent video game play is associated with subsequent increases in physical aggression.

We’ve heard it all before and honestly, it is getting quite tiring. However, this is definitely a big study with some impressive numbers thrown into the mix. The most important thing to note is one keyword, “increase”. If someone is already exhibiting aggressive behaviour then sure, playing GTA for 10 hours or getting camped to death in Call of Duty might trigger something.

That’s not to say that video games are the cause of aggressive behaviour, but rather that video games (just like any other form of entertainment) that has a lot of violence, could possibly increase aggressive behaviour in someone already prone to it. There’s also the question of what came first. Did video games really bring on aggressive behaviour or was aggressive personalities simply draw some people to violent video games.

It’s not like people in the dark ages played video games and then set off to murder others, after all. I can’t help but wonder if they would have enjoyed some For Honor or Kingdom Come: Deliverance after a long day of violent behaviour, if video games were available back then.

What is your take on all of this? Let us know in the comment section below.






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