VLC Media Player Has a Critical Security Flaw Right Now
VLC media player security flaw
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If you use the VLC Media Player to watch your videos, you might want to uninstall the program right now and stay clear until developer VideoLAN fixes a critical security flaw that allows hackers to run software, install programs and even modify existing software on your PC without your knowledge.

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As reported by Gizmodo (and found by German security agency CERT-Bund), this is a very serious security flaw that has been given a base vulnerability score of 9.8, which is classified as “critical”. In basic terms, this security flaw could allow hackers to hijack your system.

This VLC Media Player security flaw is being worked on and patched out by developer VideoLAN, but for the time being the safest way to stay clear of any potential hacking issues is to uninstall the program while the issue gets sorted. At the time of writing, the patch to fix this issue is only at about 60% complete, with no official release date just yet.

This security vunerability affects all Windows, Linux, and Unix versions of VLC Media Player so if you were thinking you are safe because you use Linux, think again. The only version of VLC not affected is MacOS. At the time of writing, it appears that hackers have not taken advantage of this flaw security flaw yet, but now that the news is out there, it is best to stay clear for a while.

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Do you use VLC Media Player to watch your videos and have you run into any issues lately? Let us know in the comment section below.






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