Vodacom Rolls Out 5G Carrier Settings For iPhone 12 Range

"Install the new carrier update now"

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Vodacom Rolls Out 5G Carrier Settings For iPhone 12 Range

Vodacom has begun rolling out their 5G carrier update across iPhone 12 smartphones. Users started noticing the update appear randomly on their devices. After installing it, the 5G network options appeared in the mobile data settings. Vodacom has yet to announce any specific details on the 5G iPhone 12 rollout. However, if you have a 5G  device with a Vodacom 5G sim inside of it (any recent sim will do) then you should be able to make use of the super-fast network speeds.


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Up to now, MTN has been the only cellular provider in SA to offer 5G on the iPhone 12 range. The company revealed last year that anyone purchasing an iPhone 12 from MTN would be able to make use of the faster network speeds as an exclusive service. At the time, MTN promised that they would be the only place to experience 5G on the iPhone 12. That is no longer the case.

Vodacom 5G iPhone 12

This is good news to consumers who purchased the iPhone 12 through Vodacom last year (or this year). This means that your device is now capable of 5G speeds as long as you are in an area that is covered by the network. For 5G Vodacom coverage make sure you check out the map here.

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