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Vumatel Terminates Relationship With Fibrestream ISP

If you are a Fibrestream client you have probably been offline for about 24 hours with no clue as to what is going on. It seems Vumatel has terminated its relationship with the ISP. Yesterday at around 12pm, Fibrestream customers went offline. This is a common occurrence with fibre. However, the service provider claimed there was a technical difficulty with Vumatel. After emailing the support line at 13:00, I got a reply saying that they are working to resolve the issue. In addition, phone lines were down and customer support was rejecting calls.

Huge thanks to Webafrica for sorting out my Fibrestream disaster. Domenico was a huge help and managed to get the line moved from Fibrestream to Webafrica and my login details sent in two hours. Up and running. Definitely check them out if you need help moving away from this company. 


Vumatel has since issued a statement via an email sent to Fibrestream customers. The email warns customers to no longer make payments towards Fibrestream as they are officially terminated. This counters the previous update whereas Fibrestream sent out messages to customers asking them to be patient as they reprovision the service. I would just put a debit order block on Fibrestream and contact another ISP to move your line across. Vumatel says that Fibrestream customers can visit the official site to shop for new packages. Check it out here

We trust this finds you well.

Please note that Fibre Stream is no longer able to serve you as an Internet Service Provider (ISP) on the VUMA Fibre network going forward. Your internet service with Fibre Stream, has therefore been terminated.

Don’t panic! All that means is that you will need to select a new internet package from a different ISP, if you haven’t already done so and you will be able to carry on enjoying super-fast world-class fibre broadband internet from Vumatel and your new ISP of choice!

Please do not make any further payment for services to Fibre Stream.

Please visit to select another internet package from the Internet Service Provider of your choice. Vumatel offers you a world of choice with over 60 ISPs and hundreds of deals to choose from.

Kind regards

The VUMA Team


A Fibrestream customer sent this SMS to us this morning. It came from Fibrestream stating that the company is working on a solution to reprovision the service.

According to social media, Fibrestream customers tried until 22:00 last night to try and get an answer out of the provider. Unfortunately, no one was able to get through to the call centre which closed at that time. This morning, customers recieved emails from the support team closing all open tickets that came from the outage. After reaching out on social media, Vumatel confirmed that Fibrestream was renting the infrastructure and the fibre provider would no longer provide the service to Fibrestream.

In a tweet, Vumatel claims that in good faith, they would seek an audience with another ISP to help resolve the matter and will get in contact with customers regarding the service change. Vumatel has since deleted all tweets regards the Fibrestream termination and the replies too. They have since changed their stance on the matter telling Fibrestream customers to get hold of the company instead.

Fibrestream Vumatel


Fibrestream, on the other hand, is not responding to customers. On Facebook, the provider has yet to make a public statement regarding the issue. In addition, they are also deleting all comments on previous posts as customers have grown desperate for feedback and have taken to commenting on older posts for help. The call centre is rejecting phone calls at this time too. There is no word yet on what customers should do or who they should contact for help,. Vumatel says call the ISP, but no one can get hold of them.

I will continue to update this post as soon as more information comes to light.


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