Warframe Devs Announce Soulframe Fantasy Free-to-Play MMO

"Inspired by Princess Mononoke"

Digital Extremes Soulframe
Warframe Devs Announce Soulframe Fantasy Free-to-Play MMO

Digital Extremes has announced its first new game in what feels like forever. The studio is best known for its work on the Warframe game which has evolved beyond anyone’s expectations since its debut in 2013. Soulframe is a new fantasy-style MMO game described as a “Warframe experience but with fantasy RPG elements”.

Digital Extremes says that Soulframe is heavily inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke. According to the studio, Soulframe will explore what happens when humans collide with the natural world. In addition, it aims to tell the story of how the world itself is angry about what’s been done to it as if the very Earth itself can feel and even move on a daily basis.

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Soulframe is already well into development. The game will feature live-service elements similar to Warframe and boast free-to-play gameplay as well as procedurally generated dungeons and worlds. While Warframe is a fast-paced combat shooter, Soulframe is described as the complete opposite. Digital Extremes says that Soulframe has “slow and heavy” melee combat. Also, as you might have guessed it from the title, Soulframe is a soulslike game.

The studio says that they didn’t set out to create Soulslike when they started development on Soulframe. However, the game slowly garnered more and more Soulslike elements as development took off. If anything, Digital Extremes’ development was greatly affected by the release of Elden Ring. The studio says it was hard to ignore FromSoftware’s latest masterpiece. From its great combat pacing to its excellent open world.

Soulframe doesn’t have a release date yet. Nor has Digital Extremes shared any sort of ETA on a release window. However, the studio will most likely release the game into early access first sometime in the future. There is a nice long trailer to enjoy that sort of gives you a glimpse of the game world and combat. It is a cinematic trailer so it doesn’t represent what the in-game content will look like.

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