Warner Bros Games Hiring For New Free-To-Play Triple-A Game
"The game is most likely years away"
Warner Bros Games WB Games Free-to-Play Triple-A
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Warner Bros could be working on a new free-to-play triple-A game according to a range of new job listings spotted on their site. 12 new job listings were spotted on the Warner Bros San Diego career page which each of them hinting at the game’s existence. Given that the job postings are in bulk, chances are these positions are all for one new game which is still in very early development. So don’t expect to see it any time soon.


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Fans have now begun speculating what the new game could be. One specific job description reveals a little bit of information. For the Game Systems Designer, it reads “a new AAA, free-to-play, cross-platform game.”

Another listing is for a Senior Combat Designer who will be responsible for creating “varied, unique, and balanced abilities and move sets across multiple characters”. This sounds like an RPG/MMO of some sort. Perhaps Warner Bros plans on creating their own Genshin Impact clone?

Keep in mind that these job listings have yet to be filled so the said free-to-play game is most likely years away from release. However, it is still good news to hear Warner Bros is working on something big and different. Just one of many studios embracing the free-to-play genre.

Source: Warner Bros Games






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