Warner Bros Might Be Working on Batman: Court of Owls
Batman: Court of Owls
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Since September, the rumour mill has been running rampant with speculations about Rocksteady’s next game, and as it turned out, that won’t be Superman World’s Finest. Rocksteady will also not attend this year’s The Game Awards – but the parent company, Warner Bros. will, and they’re also working on a new game, and it could be Batman: Court of Owls.

The rumours started when Warner Bros. Creative Director Patrick Redding, and an Assistant Producer who goes by the Twitter handle “Double V” both teased about the as yet unannounced project they are working on.

Prior to the above tweet, Double V posted an image of a T-shirt that very much resembles the official Court of Owls symbol. Going through both their timelines you’ll notice them dropping teases about the new project they’re working on. Like Double V retweeting this; “One of the most brutal things about making great game is not being able to share all the crazy details you’re hype about until official announcement time.” It could just be a friendly retweet, but something is afoot, especially considering the below Tweet.

The Court of Owls is closely related to Batman and the city of Gotham. They are considered to be the puppet masters who pull all the strings and the real power behind Gotham. They’ve existed for centuries, and their founders include some of the most powerful and wealthiest families of the city. As powerful people tend to do, they have others who carry out their bidding, and for them, it is a highly trained group of assassin’s known as Talons. The Court of Owls originated with DC Comics as Batman’s main antagonists in The New 52.

Warner Bros. is currently working on a new mobile game with Niantic titled Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and their last triple-A Batman game was Batman: Arkham Origins developed by WB Games Montréal. Up to now, the company has mostly focused on distribution, so it will be interesting to see if WB Games Montréal is indeed behind the next Batman title.






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