Warner Bros. Releases Batman: Arkham Collection For a Crazy R929
Batman: Arkham Collection
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Warner Bros. has released The Batman: Arkham Collection and it is going to cost you a lot of money. Why they publisher re-released all three games separately and is charging a whopping R929 for the collection is still a mystery but we guess it is to cash in on innocent gamers who have not played the series yet.

Of course, the Batman: Arkham Collection does not include Batman: Arkham Origins which never released on this generation of hardware but maybe it is for the better as the game was pretty mediocre. The collection does include Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, and Batman: Arkham Knight and all the DLC ever released for every one of these games.

The collection is only available on Xbox One at the moment in SA and while the PS4 version is listed for $59.99 for on the US PlayStation Store, there is no sign of the game on the South African PlayStation Store. We are sure it will be live soon but keep in mind that you could probably purchase all three games separately on PS4 for a much, much cheaper price tag. Currently, Batman: Arkham Knight is R159 and Batman: Return to Arkham is R209 which means you can buy the entire “Arkham Collection” for R368 on PS4.

It is pretty cheeky of Warner Bros. to release these old games at such a high price tag. Almost R1000 for the collection is crazy especially given that when these games are on sale they go for around R200 each. All we can suggest is that if you are interested in buying these games, try to look around for them cheaper at retail or on sale before throwing money at the collection. It is way overpriced.

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