Watch 1 Hour of Cancelled Half-Life Game “Ravenholm”

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Arkane Studios Halflife Ravenholm
Watch 1 Hour of Cancelled Half-Life Game “Ravenholm”

A new gameplay leak has revealed a cancelled Half-Life game developed by Arkane Studios called Ravenholm. The footage has been discovered by Noclip, the video game documentary channel that works on uncovering cancelled games and their gameplay.

This Arkane Studios Half-Life game, Ravenholm was in development as a standalone episode in the series. It was commissioned to Arkane Studios and the developers were given the freedom to create their own take on the world of Half-Life. So much so that Arkane Was even able to make their own weapons and tools and introduce their own original characters. Arkane says that it wasn’t meant to act as a sequel.

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Ravenholm was built on the Source Engine so the overall visual style of the game resembled that of Valve’s series. A new weapon called the Nail Gun was featured in Ravenholm. Players could use this weapon to shoot pins into the ground which were then used to tether electricity together to chain it toward water or even power switches.

A lot of the gameplay relied on these electric tethers. Players could sneak around and preemptively link power circuits to sleeping enemies to shock them to death before they wake up. They could also use it to solve puzzles in the game.

Electricity also powered the game’s plasma gun which didn’t run out of ammo. Instead, the battery would die as you used it and players would have to go towards power sources to charge the gun.

It is a pity Ravenholm never saw the light of day. The game dived deep into the lore behind the creatures in the Half-Life series and seemed to be a unique take on the usual story. There are two videos you can watch to discover more. The first one is the full gameplay video and the second one is the full documentary covering the game alongside other Arkane Studios projects that were cancelled.

Full documentary

Full gameplay

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