Play and Watch Overwatch to Unlock Cosmetics in the Mercy’s Recall Challenge
Overwatch Mercy Recall Challenge
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Blizzard has kicked off its first Mercy’s Recall Challenge in Overwatch that sees players play the game and watch matches on Twitch in order to unlock awesome exclusive content. From 12 November to 12 December 2019, players will unlock eight sprays, a player icon, and a Legendary Dr. Zieglar skin for Mercy. 

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How it works is that Overwatch players win Quick Play, Competitive, or Arcade matches to earn the new player icon, sprays and Dr. Ziegler skin. Win 3 matches and you will unlock the player icon; win 6 matches and two sprays will be yours and win 9 matches and you will unlock the awesome skin.

Overwatch Mercy Recall Challenge

But there is more. If you want to fully unlock all the cosmetics on your account then you will need to watch Overwatch on Twitch for up to 6 hours in the coming month in order to unlock the rest of the sprays. Watch 2 hours and get 1 spray; watch 4 hours and get another 2; and watch 6 hours to unlock the last three.

This trailer should explain everything to you just fine

[su_youtube url=”” width=”900″]

The event is in celebration of the new Mercy short story called “Valkyrie” which reveals a plot where she needs to confront her past and wrestle the real-world decision of joining the Overwatch or not. It kind of acts as a prequel to the character we know today. The 26-page story can be read here (opens to PDF).

You can find out more about the Mercy’s Recall Challenge event by launching your game or heading to the Take Flight challenge Blizzard page. The event is live across all available Overwatch platforms including Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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