Ubisoft to Reveal Watch Dogs 3 This Week?
Watch Dogs 3
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Ubisoft could be announcing Watch Dogs 3 this week. According to some observant Ghost Recon Wildlands fans, Ubisoft dropped hints about a new game reveal in Wildlands’ new Operation Oracle update that released last week. 

The teaser is included in a new file inviting players to “Skell Con” which apparantly takes places this week on 9 May 2019 at 20:30 South African time. 

The invite is from a company called Skell Technology and reads “Join us on Auroa”. There is even an official site on the invite that when visited takes you to a site with the same date and time. There is then an employee login page that needs a username and password to access. 

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You can log into the site using username: asantos and password: 10068 which then gives you a snipped to a short video showing off all sorts of gadgets and gizmos. If you ask me, this looks hacker/spy focused.

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This is a smart way to reveal a new game but at the same time, it has been pretty much under the radar. While the teaser was in Wildlands, it could be a hint to any other Ubisoft game, perhaps Watch Dogs 3 which is said to be releasing this year? It could also just be a new Ghost Recon game but our money is on Watch Dogs 3. 

All will be revealed later this week on Thursday, May 9 at 20:30. We will update you as soon as we learn more. 






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