Watch Dogs Legion Gets Zombie Horde Mode “Legion of The Dead”
"Zombies… in London!
Watch Dogs Legion of The Dead
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Ubisoft surprised the Watch Dogs Legion community by releasing a dedicated zombie horde mode called Legion of the Dead. According to the developer, this standalone mode is now available for PC players in alpha testing and sees players fight off zombies in London after the fall of humanity.

Watch Dogs Legion of The Dead is also free for all owners of the game and not part of the season pass content which should be great news for gamers. It follows Ubisoft’s commitment to providing new content for the game while also expanding on the online features.

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According to a blog post, Watch Dogs Legion of The Dead follows London after it was overcome by a deadly plague. Thousands of mindless hordes have taken over the city streets and communication to the outside world has been cut off. While many claims it was man-made, the only thing that matters now is survival.

This is where you come in. You and your team of survivors need to find a way into the many Albion strongholds where the guards are storing the last of the city’s supplies. The government has deployed deadly drones to keep these locations safe so getting in and out is not easy. Your team need to find a way in, steal what they can and escape while fighting off drones and the undead.

Watch Dogs Legion of The Dead

Ubisoft says that Watch Dogs Legion of The Dead starts off with a random survivor for each player. Players will also get a random gadget. You can then scout the map for more items, power-ups and plan your mission when you’re ready. However, the city is flooded with the undead so taking the risk and heading out for resources could be a bad move too.

Watch Dogs Legion of The Dead features the developer’s iconic sandbox gameplay whereas players have the freedom to create their own excitement. How you get into the stronghold and get out with the supplies is up to you and your team. Once you survive and escape, players are then rewarded with Z-Creds. This currency is used to prepare for your next run by purchasing powerful weapons and gadgets.

It all sounds quite fun and if you’re a Watch Dogs Legion fan you can test the mode out on PC today. Ubisoft says they plan on releasing the mode for consoles at a later stage. Read more about it here.






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