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Watch Dogs Legion Online Launches Today But Will Be Limited Across Platforms

Ubisoft is rolling out the Watch Dogs Legion Online mode today. However, while the developer hoped to have the mode up and running in its full capacity across all platforms, that did not go according to plan. So while some users will be playing Watch Dogs Online, others won’t. In addition, while some users will have access to certain modes, others won’t too.

For starters, Watch Dogs Legion Online won’t be launching on PC today at all. Ubisoft announced last week that due to a game-crashing bug that happens on certain GPUs, the studio has been forced to delay the launch of the online mode indefinitely. Ubisoft says the team are currently working on fixing the issue so let’s hope the mode launches soon.


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As for PS4, PS5, and Xbox owners, Watch Dogs Legion Online will be available starting today, 9 March 2021. However, it will launch without its Tactical Op mode due to yet another game-crashing bug. Ubisoft says they will instead roll out the mode on 23 March 2021 for PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia.

For those who don’t know, the Tactical Op is the Raid-like mode in Watch Dogs Legion Online where players can take on intense combat missions that rely on heavy teamwork and communication. When I played the Online preview in January, it was the standout mode foe me. A pity it has been delayed.

Ubisoft also says that PS5 and PS4 owners will have limited in-game text chat at launch this week. They plan on fixing this and expanding the feature by 23 March 2021.

By the sound of things, Ubisoft should have just completely delayed the Watch Dogs Legion Online mode until 23 March. That way it could have released as it should. Anyway, players can look forward to the update going live sometime later today. Once downloaded, users can jump into various online modes with friends. Check out my hands-on preview of the mode here for more on what you can expect.

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