Watch Dogs Legion In-Game Purchases Include Epic-Looking Outfits – Leak
Ubisoft Watch Dogs Legion Online Mode PS5 Xbox Series X Next-Gen in-game purchases Source Code
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Watch Dogs Legion releases on 29 October but it seems someone managed to take a glimpse at the in-game store before the game makes it debut. The Watch Dogs Legion: News Twitter account posted images of the various outfits users can purchase using in-game currency. According to the account, each outfit costs £8 or 1,000 WD Credits which is most likely the in-game currency.


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By the look of things, these outfits include one mask along with the outfit which players can use in-game. However, we need to talk about how cool they cool right? The first three include some majestic-looking armour sets with lights and capes. They look like something right out of Godfall. We then have what seems to be a cat-like set with glowing eyes and ears. Lastly, there’s a DJ-inspired set which amplifier collars.

We don’t know what the process is for unlocking these outfits and whether or not you can use in-game currency or currency you earn by playing the game. Knowing Ubisoft, it will most likely be microtransactions. Sign me up for the Firewall Knight though. I will happily swipe my card for that.

On Reddit, another leak claims to have spotted the prices of this Watch Dogs Legion WD Currency. In addition, Ubisoft seems to have included the Boosters again which sees users pay to speed up collecting items in the game. The user claims the booster section offers a way to purchase maps with ETO which seems to be the currency earned in-game. They also state that an outfit in Watch Dogs Legion will set you back $10 each. Not sure what the local equivalent is.

Of course, take this with a pinch of salt for now. The game releases next week so players can explore the store themselves.






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