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Watch Hours of Awesome Borderlands 3 Gameplay

The Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal stream blew me away as the game looks like it will be the greatest looter-shooter ever created. There was so much going on during the stream with nearly five hours of awesome Borderlands 3 gameplay to watch including developer commentary and best of all, if you missed the stream, you can watch the entire thing at the bottom of this article.

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In the stream, the game’s new hub, Sanctuary 3 and the new Vault Hunter, Amara, a Siren class character, was showcased. We got some background on the story, featuring everyone’s favourite, Claptrap, a new cult called Children of the Vault and of course, Captrap gets kidnapped yet again.

However, it is the combat that really shines in the Borderlands 3 gameplay and in the video below you can see a tonne of dismemberment, gore and that beautiful cel-shaded graphical style. Some new gameplay elements were also revealed, showing that you can now slide by sprinting and then crouching, as well as use mantle ledges to reach higher ground.

Weapon diversity was showcased with guns having multiple firing modes and I’m not just talking about automatic and single shot type firing modes. For example, the Vladof pistol switches between small missiles fired from under its barrel to semiautomatic bullet spray. Elemental weapons can even switch between elements and heavy weaponry look oh-so powerful, for example you can switch between a mini-gun and a grenade launcher.

Speaking about the fact that there are a lot more looter-shooters now, the developers made it clear that they are “sticking to their guns” and that is what is going to make borderlands 3 great if you ask me. Speaking of, there’s even a very cool-looking boss fight thrown into the mix. Lead boss designer, Matt Cox, also explained that:

I think Borderlands, the way we do looting and shooting is strong in itself. Obviously we recognise that there are way more entries into the looter shooter genre that decided to do their own twist. I think the best decision we made is to remain Borderlands and double down on the things we do so well. I think people are ready for more Borderlands, but bigger and better. Sticking to our guns is the best strategy.

Borderlands 3 releases on 13 September 2019 and from everything shown off in the gameplay stream below, it will be well worth it, so don’t forget to check out our comprehensive Borderlands 3 South African pricing guide.

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Watch the entire Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal stream below and then tell us how excited you are for Gearbox’s upcoming looter-shooter.

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