Roxy has been the rAge mascot for a long time now and each year or so she gets a new iteration. This year's version has this sexy, yet intimidating look to her that shows that she is pretty badass but at the same time the design stays true to the Roxy we all love. To celebrate this year's Roxy, Pippa Tshabalala decided that what better way to bring her to life than to create a cosplay of her for rAge. Why not, given that the expo is basically a platform for every type of gamer to express their love in any form possible. 

Pippa's goal behind this all was to bring the mascot to life as, if you don't know, it is rAge's 15th anniversary so celebrations were in order. Pippa says that it simply “seemed appropriate that Roxy has a physical presence at the show”.

In the video below you can take a glimpse at some of the behind-the-scenes of the making of the costume and just how much detail went into it all to bring Roxy to life. The costume was designed by Anre Van Rooyen, and Shevuan Chester, while Pippa's makeup was done by Ziona Nagdee. Be on the lookout during rAge as you might spot Pippa in costume on Friday morning. Pippa will be around the show floor looking all Roxy-fied until around 13:00 

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