Marvel's Midnight Suns Doctor Strange

Watch the Awesome Marvel’s Midnight Suns Doctor Strange Deep Dive

Firaxis Games has released the anticipated character deep dive showcase for Doctor Strange in the upcoming Marvel’s Midnight Suns. The deep dive focuses on the “Sorcerer Supreme” we all know and love from the Marvel series but most importantly, this version of Doctor Strange isn’t the one we have seen countless times in the MCU. Instead, like all characters in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, this Doctor Strange is unique to the comic book universe meaning we can expect cool costumes, loads of magical attacks and meters and meters of capes.

Firaxis says that Doctor Strange in Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a complete support character. He can heal allies, buff them with attack and defence boosts and even make them completely invisible. Doctor Strange focuses heavily on a mechanic called “Enhanced” where he gains bonuses when the Heroism level is at a minimum.

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Strange has a large collection of moves and abilities. The first is Astral Meditation. Using this ability, Strange restores two combat items which have already been used during that mission. Firaxis revealed that Combat Items are a selection of one-use cards which are equipped at the start of each mission. These cards have various effects in combat including healing, applying special buffs onto allies and even rebuffing enemies with Weak and other effects. His Astral Meditation move can then be upgraded to add additional perks including redrawing the last attack card used in the encounter.

Doctor Strange has some unique friendship perks that will also turn the tide of battle. One is called Greater Good which has a chance of generating Heroism during each new turn. The higher the level of this perk the higher amount of Heroism Doctor Strange can obtain.

The Vapours of Valtorr card can then see Doctor Strange completely conceal an ally in combat. This card can then be upgraded to apply healing when used and even buff Doctor Strange or an ally (whoever he targets) with a Too Fast perk.

Another cool ability Strange can use is called Shield of the Seraphin. Here, Strange can apply Resist and Cure allies at the same time. This Shield of Seraphin ability can also proc Enhanced which further grants a bonus to allies when they have a certain amount of Heroism.

Outside of the buffs and perks, Doctor Strange can deal damage to enemies in Marvel’s Midnight Suns too. His attack, the “Seven Suns of the Cinnibus” is an area of effect spell that deals massive damage and can be upgraded to deal even more damage depending on the Enhanced perk.

Doctor Strange definitely looks cool in the upcoming game and will be the perfect ally for those looking to create a well-rounded team with buff systems and perks in place. Check out the full breakdown of the Doctor Strange Marvel’s Midnight Suns below. Catch up on the Spider-Man history lesson here and the Captain America character deep dive showcase here. Marvel’s Midnight Suns is releasing on 7 October for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Switch.

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