If you happen to stumble upon an Elden Ring trailer today then don’t be surprised if you see footage you have never seen before. Somehow various snippets of a pretty lengthy trailer have appeared online and if you search for them all, you will be able to watch the full thing.

Of course, as all leaks go, whoever filmed this has not upgraded their cellphone in around ten years so don’t expect to see any remotely decent quality.


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The trailer shows off the first-ever gameplay glimpse at Elden Ring. This is the first time we have seen the game in action since its debut CG trailer back in June 2019. The footage includes some Souls-style melee combat, boss battles, bright magic, fire-breathing dragons, some horseback riding and a handful of fairly large open-world environments.

Everything listed above falls in line with the previous rumours we have heard about the game. We know Elden Ring is going to be a bigger open-world-like RPG compared to the previous Dark Souls games and the potato quality footage kinda gives us a glimpse at that all. Here’s the best full-length version of the trailer we could find.

Elden Ring Trailer

In the trailer, a voice says “I can only imagine what drives you to seek the Elden Ring. I suppose you can’t be talked into turning back. Very well then!”

Unfortunately, those hoping to get their hands on Elden Ring are out of luck for now. According to VGC, the game has already been delayed several times internally due to setbacks caused by the pandemic. The site reports that development time has been greatly affected by remote working conditions. So much so that one developer believes that the game might not even make it out this year.

At least with some gameplay in this leaked Elden Ring trailer, users can finally rest assured that the game is indeed real. We just don’t know when we will see the full, high-quality version or a release date.

Here’s another version

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