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Wayfinder is Having The Worst Launch in Video Game History

Forget what you know about Diablo and World of Warcraft, a new contender for the “worst launch in video game history has arrived”. Wayfinder launched into early access on Thursday night and has been in an unplayable state ever since.

The combination of server issues and constant game crashes has resulted in an unpleasant experience for those who forked out money to play this soon-to-be-free-to-play game.

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We have already covered how expensive Wayfinder is. The founder’s packs go from anywhere between R300 all the way up to R2700. But it doesn’t matter what you spent on the game, it isn’t working.

On Thursday evening the issues started. Servers were hit with players jumping into the game. Most of the player base could not get in before the infrastructure completely collapsed.

Two hours later, the team announced that they were working on fixes and these would take longer than initially planned. Three hours later, the game was completely offline.

To help manage the load on Friday, the team then implemented a strict player limit on one server. This allowed only a handful of players into the game. The rest of the player base was then greeted with a queue screen of around 20,000 players. The team then added an estimated timer which counted down as the queue got shorter. However, even when you got to the front, you could sit for hours and nothing would happen.

Instead of increasing the server capacity to accommodate the players, the Wayfinder team left a limited number of slots in place for the majority of the weekend. If you did want to play the game, the wait time was over two hours long.

But if getting in was a guarantee that you could play it would be one thing, most players report that even once they sat for hours waiting, the game would crash within the first twenty minutes of playing and boot them back to the back of the queue.

Airship Syndicate did release a statement on Saturday regarding the ongoing troubles. Not only did they address the server hiccups but also the missing founder’s pack items which players have reported on. Some players spent the R2700 to not get their items.

On Sunday, the same issues persisted on the limited server. Players were greeted with a 20,000 spot only to wait at the front while the game bugged out and failed to load further. Those who got in managed to play for a few minutes before a game crash or server issue.

It has now been four days and players are fed up with the same response from the team. Many of them are calling out Airship Syndicate for the bad launch and unwillingness to increase server capacity.

Wayfinder has been called Qeueufinder and Waitfinder. On Steam, the user reviews express the frustration of all players. The game is sitting on mostly negative reviews with players voicing their anger over the failed launch. Many of them have dozens of hours of game time but the game time isn’t actually playing, it is waiting on a login screen.

Last night, Airship Syndicate stated that the team was slowly increasing the server capacity and adding a grace period for those who get kicked after finally logging into the game. However, this morning players are still complaining about server bugs, game crashes and queues that take hours to sit through.

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  • AAAASD 22 August 2023

    Yeah worst launch in history if you were born yesterday.

  • Nikki_boagreis 23 August 2023

    Im definitely interested in Wayfinder but im generally happy i decided i’d hold off awhile before making a purchase i’d regret. Overall, i don’t regret not purchasing Wayfinder day one as this is fairly common with MMO’s more so around release.

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