We let a hardcore gamer, a noob and a non-gamer test the PSVR
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We recently covered just what your PS VR comes with, and how to set it up, but now we have something special for you. We got some of our friends to sit down with the PlayStation VR and experience what it was like for the first time. Many of them had never tried any sort of VR before this, so they were experiencing a whole new feeling for the first time. 

We tested the PlayStation VR with one hardcore gamer, one who plays less than 5 hours of any game per week. and one non-gamer. 

Dylan who tried out the shooting range in the VR Worlds: London Heist did an awesome job at adapting to the controls. Given that he had ever played any sort of game before, he quickly picked up how to control the Move Controllers. Massimo who is a hardcore gamer by day, has been spending his time playing Resident Evil 7 in VR. We can barely play it on the TV, even though Wessel completed the game and loved it, we found it terrifying.  

Lastly we have Giv, who we told she was going to play something cute and colorful, instead we loaded up the Resident Evil Kitchen demo, and gave her the remote. We cannot say more than what you can see in the video below, just make sure you are ready to turn down your sound when it gets to her part, as we had our neighbors calling to ask if we were okay while filming this video. Enough said.

Take a look at the video below, and see how people react, and what they have to say about the comfortableness of the headset, as well as just how user friendly it is to use. 

More4 about the PSVR

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