We played one of Far Cry 5’s most twisted early missions – Hands-On
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I was busy soaring through the air in my wingsuit over on the weekend during the Far Cry 5 preview sessions when I blacked out and woke up in a chair in some madman's prison. Where I was and what happened to me is a mystery but all I remember was that a radio message warned me that I was 'being hunted”. 

Minor spoilers ahead

Take a look at the full mission in the video below

Like all past Far Cry games, Far Cry 5 has its fair share of crazy too. You will remember in Far Cry 3 you would visit the cuckoo land after eating a mushroom and in Far Cry 4 the same thing would happen when you visit Shangri-La. It seems that Far Cry 5 has its own share of crazy too and while I cannot confirm if there is more to come seen as this was a limited preview session, I can confidently say that so far these hunted missions are pretty off their rocker. 

In the early game, you will be doing whatever you are doing and a radio broadcast would come in saying you need to be careful because you are being hunted. I did pee a little as I was scared not knowing who these hunters are and where they are coming from. Turns out that there is no way to avoid them at all as the first time I was walking through the forest and the second time they drugged me I was 100 meters in the air using my wingsuit. No matter what you are doing these hunters come for you and put you to sleep. 


Upon waking up I realized I had been kidnapped by none other than Jacob Seed. the cult leader's brother. He gave me some speech about the world being weak and showed me some gruesome pictures before playing a song from a music box which triggered some sort of alternate reality shift in my mind. After passing out I woke up in some twisted reality where enemies would vanish into smoke in one shot of a gun while I had to escape this madhouse. It was really a trippy mission with all the flashing red imagery and the sounds made it even crazier. 

I was given different weapons at different spots in the house and they all had very limited ammo. I had then had to make my way through the level shooting enemies which could have been a figment of my imagination anyway, and escaping before the time ran out. This mission happened twice with the second time being a bit longer. If it was to happen again it would take place later in the game of which was locked for preview purposes but I am interested to see the result of this mind-bending experience. 


It could be leading up to the fight between Jacob Seed due to him playing a big role in the twisted missions. Whatever happens, just know that Far Cry 5 has its fair share of crazy and its supernatural aspects are not ignored at all in the game. The hunters come for you so be prepared to take a trip through the cuckoo land. 

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