Western Digital Announces Next-Gen ArmorLock Security Solutions
"The next-generation of storage security."

Western Digital has introduced what they are calling a next-gen security system called “ArmorLock”. This platform targets the high-security needs for data and content-orientated use cases such as government, healthcare, IT, enterprise, legal, media and entertainment. Basically, anything that requires high security to protect delicate information.


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In a nutshell, the Western Digital ArmorLock product allows storage devices protection with a zero-knowledge key. This means users cannot access the content of a drive without a companion app nearby to approve the access. The drives use BlueTooth to connect to app on a smartphone. When accessed, the app needs to approve the request using the built-in biometrics such as Face ID or your fingerprint.

The Western Digital ArmorLock system can be found across the company’s vast range of storage solutions. However, the first device to feature the encryption is the G-Tech AmorLocked NVMe SSD. This 2TB SSD boasts up to 1GB/s read and write speeds and is protected in an aluminium enclosure. In addition, the drive boasts IP67 water and dust resistance, can survive a 3M drop and the crushing weight of 450Kgs. This drive retails for $599.

The app allows administrators the ability to configure and manage multiple devices and multiple user access too. They can also control what files and folders are accessible to which user. As for its safeguard features, the drive allows for fast crypto-erase and reformatting in one step. In addition, it lets you track its last known location on a map in case of theft.

Western Digital plans on releasing other storage solutions under the ArmorLock range in the future. These drives make for great ways to secure sensitive and private information. I am sure no Game of Thrones episodes would have leaked if HBO used this drive.

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