Westworld Season 4 Gets Teaser Trailer and Release Date

"Episode 1 lands on 26 June"

Westworld season 4
Westworld Season 4 Gets Teaser Trailer and Release Date

HBO’s robot show Westworld will debut its fourth season in June. HBO media relations announced that on 26 June, viewers can look forward to the fourth season of Westworld dropping on HBO Max and other participating streaming services in other regions.

The announcement was first teased through an instagram story. Fans spotted a link that showed up and followed it to an unlisted trailer. The Instagram story teased a NYC setting for the fourth season. The trailer has confirmed it all.

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I haven’t watched much of Westworld 3, to be honest. So I can’t fill you in on the details here. However, the teaser trailer does showcase New York City which is definitely the new setting for the fourth season. It is also filled with a lot of weird and wonderful androids.

HBO didn’t share much of a synopsis either. The unlisted video simple says “A perfect day is here”. The trailer also shows off a bit of the show’s premise. We get a look at some of the time travelling elements with a hint og mafia thanks to the Tommy guns. If anything, this new season of Westworld might be the craziest to date (I should really catch up on it).


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