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What is Deathloop Explained in New Gameplay Trailer

Deathloop is due to release on 21 May 2021 and for those hoping to play the game solo you’re in luck. Up to now, many feared that the game’s assassination gameplay relied on having two players present at all times. However, that is not the case. In a recent “Deathloop Explained” trailer, Arkane’s own Dinga Bakaba shared details on how the game works and how players can enjoy it with or without an online component.

The video explains that in Deathloop, players are trapped on an island that repeats the same day over and over again. This means the player, the enemies and even the eight elusive assassination targets get reset every day. While the day does reset, the general gameplay is not time constraint to any degree. Players can approach the game at any pace without worrying about the world resetting in the middle of a shoot out.


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The idea of Deathloop is that players need to come up with the best plan of action and “loop” together the best approach to take down all the targets efficiently and effectively in one run. However, as players progress their skill and gain new weapons, they take these across with them to the next day. This means that while the game essentially resets, the player grows with each loop.

The island of Blackreef is divided into four districts and each will house a set of “Visionaries”, or targets if you will. The island also expands through four time eras which means these targets move and act differently depending on the era you are in. The goal here is to learn your target, its back story, movements, strengths and weaknesses for each era so you can plot your approach correctly when it loops around again.

But there’s an issue here. Another assassin is out to get you so while you’re trying to plot out your murders, she is doing the same thing. Essentially this means that you’re both the hunted and the hunter.

Arkane claims that there’s much more to Deathloop than meets the eye. They have yet to share details on many of the game’s features including artefacts that can power up your weapons, all the super natural powers players can obtain and the various secrets scattered around the island of Blackreef. Deathloop is out on 25 May 2021 for PS5 and PC.

What is Deathloop Trailer

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