What The New Dota 2 Update Does
new Dota 2 update Newbee
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No, Immortal Treasure III or any other Battle Pass features haven’t been released in the new Dota 2 update. Hopefully, Valve will release a Battle Pass update soon, but for now, there’s a new Dota 2 update weighing in at roughly 130mb with no update notes at first glance, no official mention of it on the Dota 2 Twitter accounts or even in the game.

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As part of our The International 2019 coverage plan, we provide you with every little detail about Dota 2 until the dust settles over Shanghai at the end of August. The new Dota 2 update is part of Valve’s Summer Scrub initiative, as they have updated localization files several regions. For example, fixing the Bloodseeker’s Rupture description in french and much more.

However, the biggest thing in the update for Dota 2 Battle Pass owners are changes to the Compendium. Specifically, Forward Gaming has been changed to Newbee. In case you didn’t know, Newbee will be at The International 2019 with the Forward Gaming squad. Forward gaming qualified for the tournament via the NA qualifiers but last month, the organization ceased operations. Newbee stepped in to give the players a new home. Therefore, you will now see Newbee in multiple parts of your compendium. Find the details below.

  • Newbee is now marked as the NA Qualifier winner
  • Newbee can now be picked in your Favourite Team list
  • You can equipt Newbee team effects
  • Ex-Forward Gaming player cards now have the Newbee card back
  • All predictions have been updated to include Newbee and remove Forward Gaming

It might not be the update we’ve been waiting for, but it is a necessary one as Valve continues to fix and fine-tune everything before The International 2019’s group stages kick off on 15 August 2019.

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What do you think about the update? Let us know in the comment section below.






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