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What To Do and Who to Contact if Your Xbox Series X|S Breaks in South Africa

We have already put together a guide on the PS5 and what do to and who to contact if the console breaks in and out of warranty in SA. We wanted to share the same information on the Xbox Series X and S console. Who do you contact if your Xbox Series X or S console breaks in South Africa and how long does the warranty protect you from issues?

First off, the official repair channel for the Xbox Series X|S in South Africa is Prima Interactive. They handle the replacement and warranty of the console for Microsoft in the country.

Xbox Series X|S 12 Month Warranty in South Africa

Every new Xbox Series X and S console comes with a 12-month warranty in South Africa that activates on the date of purchase. Xbox accessories which are sold separately include a 6-month warranty from the date or purchase too.

Xbox Series X S South Africa Pre-Orders

Xbox Series X|S Console and Box Contents

Before we start, the most important part of your Xbox Series X and S console and accessories is proof of purchase. You can’t exchange anything or request a refund without it. Don’t lose it!!! 

When it comes to the warranty, only the Xbox Series X and S console inside the box includes a 12-month warranty. Everything else including the cables and Xbox Wireless controller comes with a 6-month warranty. Requesting a console or accessory exchange depends on the age of the item which we cover down below. It is important to note that after 14 days of purchase, customers MAY NOT return the console to their retailer. Instead, they need to log a warranty claim directly with Microsoft. Details below.

  • Faulty Console or Accessory within the first 14 days of purchase
    • Customers can return the faulty item to the retail store it was purchased from. This includes the console or an accessory which you purchased separately. The faulty items need to have all the components which came with the purchase including the original packaging and receipt.
    • The retailer may swap out the faulty item after testing it.
  • Faulty console or accessory after the first 14 days of purchase
    • If the console or first-party accessory is faulty after 14 days after purchase, customers must log a warranty claim with Microsoft (details below). In addition, the retail store cannot log a warranty claim on the customer’s behalf. Retail stores a not allowed to swap or replace any hardware after the 14 days.
    • Customers will be issued with a Service Request Number and Seabourne will receive the number within 24/48 hours after logging the claim.
    • Seabourne will arrange the collection of the faulty unit and dispatch a replacement as long as the console or accessory has not been tampered with in any way.
    • This process should take around 7 working days to complete

Who to contact if your Xbox Series X and S breaks in South Africa

Customers that need to log a warranty claim can do so by following the steps below. There are multiple ways in which a claim can be logged which we highlight below.

  • Online through the Microsoft Device Support site. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit the site here.
  • Calling the Microsoft Call Center on 0800 991 550 or 0860 22 55 67 or 021 427 3027 (toll free) / open Monday – Friday 10:00 – 18:00
  • Users can check their controller warranty here and log a replacement request (controllers only)
  • Chat online with a Microsoft Support Representative or request a call back here
  • Seabourne Contact Details (Only if you have a Microsoft Service Request Number)
    • Martha / Keneilwe – 011 396 1900
    • Escalation past 7 days of the warranty being logged: William – 011 396 1900
    • All emails to go to [email protected]


We hope no one has to follow these steps in South Africa but if you do, at least you know how to deal with it.

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