WhatsApp Ads Will Start Appearing in-App From 2020

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WhatsApp Ads Will Start Appearing in-App From 2020

We have heard rumours about WhatsApp adding adverts into the chat app for a while now and it seems that they will be arriving much sooner than expected. Users can start to expect WhatsApp ads in the app from as early as next year according to Facebook.

The announcement was made at the annual Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands where it was revealed that the WhatsApp ads would rollout throughout the “Status” tab next year. The “Status” section will include your contacts as well as ads that will appear as statuses that you can click on and view.

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This means that just like Instagram where you click through everyone’s story and an add pops up, the same will happen on WhatsApp. This method is a great way to avoid banner and pop-up ads from ruining the app experience.

WhatsApp Ads

Via Matt Navarra 

Still, ads on WhatsApp will mean more data consumption as these will be loaded when available. You will see them on the Status page which means they will be downloading while you use the app in preparation before you go and view anyone’s status. This could mean a spike in WhatsApp data usage especially in SA where data is more expensive than petrol.

At least these WhatsApp ads are less intrusive than other traditional ways of advertising so respect to Facebook. It can also all be avoided if you don’t use the WhatsApp Status feature at all. I don’t and I know many other people who don’t either.

What is your take on these ads? Let us know in the comments down below.

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