WhatsApp Bug Could Expose All Your Messages
WhatsApp Bug
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It’s everyone’s fear that their private messages will be made public one day. A possible WhatsApp bug could make those fears a reality.

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Abby Fuller, an employee at Amazon, has reported that a potential WhatsApp bug has exposed the full chat history of a different WhatsApp user to her. She apparently set up a new phone, using a new number, which exposed ALL of the archived messages of another WhatsApp user.

Yes it was a new device. No it wasn’t second hand. It was not a second hand SIM. Yes I’m sure they weren’t my messages, or groups that I was added to. Yes they were in plaintext. I am sure it’s my phone number. It was not restored from a backup.

It seems like the WhatsApp bug potentially exposes an owner of a previous number’s entire chat history to the new owner. This shouldn’t be happening, as the chat history is supposed to be cleared after 45 days of a phone number not being used. This possible WhatsApp bug seems to cause the messages to be restored, once WhatsApp is being set up on a new device, using a number which was used by a previous WhatsApp user. Abby Fuller confirmed that she has had the new number for more than 45 days, which should have meant that the previous owner’s chat history should’ve been cleared. This was clearly not the case, as the WhatsApp bug allowed Abby Fuller to have full access to the previous owner of the number’s chat history.

Other WhatsApp users joined in on the Twitter conversation, explaining that they’ve had issues with the seemingly same WhatsApp bug in the past.

Have you experienced this problem in the past while setting up WhatsApp with a number that was once owned by someone else?






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