WhatsApp Dark Mode Coming to iOS and Desktop (Finally)
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WhatsApp will soon be rolling out its Dark Mode feature for both iOS and the desktop browser version of its service. WhatsApp dark mode for iOS has been in beta for a couple of weeks already and the desktop version was recently spotted by WABetaInfo hinting at a possible release for both platforms soon.

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Android users have been benefitting from the WhatsApp Dark Mode for a while already but Apple’s implementation of Dark Mode on iOS 13 only happened in late 2019 so the popular chat app could not have implemented it until now. As for the desktop version, the leaked screenshots show the current implementation of the feature is still a bit rough around the edges and a few issues can be spotted such as broken emoji background and icons.

WhatsApp Dark Mode iOS Desktop WhatsApp Dark Mode iOS Desktop

The new desktop dark mode also seems to support stickers which seem to not be suffering from the same background issues as the emojis. The client is no doubt in very early stages but once the kinks have been ironed out, users will benefit from a darker chat window compared to a bright white screen glaring at them as they make use of the chat service.

If you do want to make use of the WhatsApp dark mode for the desktop you can. However, it is not the official release version and makes use of web browser extensions instead. It works, however, I do recommend just waiting it out until the Facebook-owned chat platform releases it themselves.






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