WhatsApp Face ID and Touch ID Is Here To Protect Your Chats
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If you’re very private about your messages, then you may be happy to know that a new WhatsApp update is all about protecting your privacy. The new update allows users to set up WhatsApp Face ID and fingerprint scanning (Touch ID) to lock the messaging app on their iPhones.

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iPhone users, depending on which model of iPhone you own, can now use WhatsApp Face ID and fingerprint scanning to lock the app and require your face or fingerprints to unlock it.

These new WhatsApp Face ID and Touch ID features are made available with version 2.19.20 of the messaging app, which is owned by Facebook.

To activate either WhatsApp Face ID or Touch ID:

  • Open WhatsApp on your iPhone;
  • Go to Settings (the gear icon on the bottom);
  • Select Privacy;
  • Go down to Screen Lock at the bottom;
  • Turn on Require Face ID or Touch ID;
  • Select when you want to lock WhatsApp (immediately, after 1 minute, after 15 minutes, or after 1 hour).

Once set up, your WhatsApp app on your iPhone will prompt you to identify yourself through Face ID or Touch ID, before being able to open the app up.

This new update obviously adds an important layer of privacy over your messaging app. However, WhatsApp Face ID or Touch ID only works on the overall app, and cannot be set up for individual chats. So, just be careful if you want to hide specific chats from people.

The WhatsApp Face ID and Touch ID features don’t prevent message previews in your notification centre. If you have the preview option on, then you’re still able to read and reply to messages without having to unlock your iPhone or your WhatsApp app. The feature also doesn’t prevent you from answering WhatsApp calls before having to use WhatsApp Face ID or Touch ID to unlock it first.

Like mentioned, the feature is only available to WhatsApp users on iPhones. But the feature is apparently being tested for Android devices too.

Do you think this is a useful privacy feature for WhatsApp?






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