WhatsApp Getting Voice Message Overhaul in Next Update

"Some much-needed changes"

WhatsApp Getting Voice Message Overhaul in Next Update

WhatsApp has announced that its voice message feature is getting a revamp that is adding new abilities to the app. The new features include the ability to listen to voice messages while reading other chats, play messages at 1.5 and 2 times speed and more.

WhatsApp is also improving the experience of recording voice messages. The new feature will allow users to pause and resume their recording so they don’t have to run out of breath while saying everything they need to say as fast as possible. This will also help users pause the recording while they think of the next thing to say so there are no giant gaps between each sentence.

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Users can also listen to a voice message before it is sent to avoid being cut off during their speech. WhatsApp will let you drag across the voice message to skim to certain parts of the chat before sending it.

WhatsApp is also adding a waveform feature to the app so instead of showing a simple line for voice messages, the waveform will indicate where you spoke and where you spoke the loudest giving you insight as to where to pick up your voice message. The app will also remember where you left off listening to a voice message so you don’t have to start from the beginning of the chat and listen to the whole message again.

The voice message overhaul comes after WhatsApp claims over 7 billion voice messages are sent each day across the app. While these features are nothing new to iMessage and Telegram users, it is nice to see them finally arriving in WhatsApp. The changes are set to go live in the coming weeks. Watch some of the new changes in action below.

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