WhatsApp May Soon Let Users Transfer Data and Chats From Android to iOS

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WhatsApp May Soon Let Users Transfer Data and Chats From Android to iOS

WhatsApp is working on a new feature that lets users migrate from one mobile platform to another. At the moment, if you were to move from Android to iOS,  WhatsApp doesn’t let you transfer your data across from one device to another. This means you chat history and media stay behind and you are forced to start fresh.

A new feature was spotted in the latest WhatsApp beta 22.2.74 that hints at a new data transfer option. At the moment, it seems that this beta feature is only available for users moving from Android to iOS. However, iOS to Android transfers are already available on select devices so it isn’t such a huge problem.

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According to the beta app, users are able to restore their chats on WhatsApp when moving across from iOS and Android. The beta app relies on Apple’s Move to iOS app. Upon launching WhatsApp, it will ask if you want to import your data from another device. The app reportedly only lets you do this when opening it the first time.

WhatsApp Android to iOS transfer

Once it has compiled the data, the two apps transfer between one another and your chat history is migrated from Android to iOS.

This isn’t the first time we have been allowed to move data from one device to another on WhatsApp. The service currently allows users to move chat history from iOS and Android on certain Samsung devices. You can also move from iOS and Google Pixel and a few other Android 12 phones. However, once WhatsApp releases this Android to iOS feature, it will mean more users can move to and from iOS to Android a little easier without losing their WhatsApp data.

Source: WaBetaInfo

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