WhatsApp will soon let you use the popular chat app on more than one device at any given time. This much-requested feature has been a missing issue since the launch of the program. This will soon change. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently testing multi-device support and an iPad app meaning users will be able to use the same WhatsApp number on multiple devices.

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Previously, your phone number has been locked onto the registered device. If users were to change their smartphone then they would have to move their account over too. The new change will allow users to mirror their chats across multiple devices without having to move the account across. This is similar to the way Apple uses its iMessage app. In addition, it will work in the same way Facebook Messanger runs.

Currently, WhatsApp does allow users to mirror their chat. However, this is only limited to using the Desktop app or web browser client. The WhatsApp multi-device support may bring a way to just sign in to your account without the need to have your phone connected to app at all times.

The multi-device support is currently being tested. There is no release window or launch date at this time. It could take the company months to refine the process. In addition, WhatsApp for iPad is also undergoing testing. The launch of WhatsApp for iPad will most likely align with the multi-device support. This will allow users to use the app on their tablets and mirror their chats across to their other devices. It would make lives a lot easier.

Keep in mind that this feature is still a while away. WhatsApp takes what feels like forever to roll out new features. The dark mode took more than a year to release. Hopefully, we will have this support by the end of 2020.

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