WhatsApp Status Sharing to Facebook and Other Apps Coming Soon
WhatsApp Status Sharing
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WhatsApp will soon be bringing a new WhatsApp Status Sharing feature to Android and iOS. The new feature will let users share their WhatsApp status across other apps like Instagram, Gmail, Facebook and Google Photos.

The WhatsApp Status Sharing feature will then post your shared status across other apps and see it expire after 24 hours, or as many hours as you have left on your WhatsApp status.

The new feature, according to The Verge will also let you share your status without having to link your WhatsApp account to any other services. Instead, WhatsApp is making use of iOS and Android data-sharing APIs so you just share that one status and you don’t ever have to do it again. There will also be no way to automatically share it as WhatsApp believes the feature should be an active decision the user should take on each status.

The beta will start rolling out today for all WhatsApp beta testers and come to all platforms in the coming weeks. It seems that wherever there is an option to have a “status”, WhatsApp wants to be able to share to the platform. The company does insist the data is safe and secure and the lack of account linking means nothing gets share other than your status. Let’s just hope for the best.

We also know WhatsApp will be bringing ads to the platform next year as they will begin to appear across the Status pages as you scroll through your app.






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