WhatsApp Stickers Are Now Available and They Are Awesome
WhatsApp Stickers
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Over the weekend while browsing WhatsApp I noticed something new on the app. Near the keyboard section, there was this new square icon that looked like a sticker. Upon tapping on it I discovered that there is now a whole new sticker system built into the chat app. WhatsApp Stickers are now available!

Stickers are now accessible in the app and they are pretty awesome. Similar to Apple’s iMessage sticker system, WhatsApp now lets you send stickers with one tap. You press the little square and then tap on the sticker of your choice.

Right now the stickers available in the app are all designed by WhatsApp’s in-house designers along with a few select outsourced bundles. Of course, you can download extra sticker sets from the app itself. The company also revealed that WhatsApp will also support third-party stickler apps on both Android and iOS so if you do have a sticker pack published on the Google Play Store or Apple Store you will see the stickers in WhatsApp too.

In order to access these new stickers make sure your app is up to date. Also, keep in mind that this feature is still rolling out so even if your app is up to date it may take a while to see the sticker icon on the keyboard.

For more information on WhatsApp stickers, read the official blog post from the company here. If you are a designer, WhatsApp has made it possible to even make your own sticker packs and publish them on the available stores. Check out this handy guide on how you can do this yourself.






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