When and Where to Watch The Resident Evil Showcase Stream

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When and Where to Watch The Resident Evil Showcase Stream

The Resident Evil Showcase is set to kick off later today (or tomorrow here in SA stupid time zones) and if you are as excited as we are to see Resident Evil 8 Village and other game announcements then you need to tune in. In a few hours, fans around the world will be treated to a range of new trailers and reveal from the series. But where and when can you watch the announcement live? We have you covered.


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Resident Evil Showcase Stream When and Where to Watch

The Resident Evil Showcase stream kicks off at the following times and will be streamed on the PlayStation Twitch and YouTube channel.

  • 21 January 2021 – 2pm PT / 10 pm GMT / 11pm CET
  • 22 January 2021 – 00:00 SAT
  • Watch – PlayStation Twitch / YouTube channel

Resident Evil Showcase Stream What to expect

We know the upcoming Resident Evil Showcase will feature Resident Evil 8 Village. This includes a possible release date, VR features and of course the news whether or not the game will release on last-gen consoles alongside PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. In addition, gamers can most likely expect to see news from the upcoming Netflix Resident Evil series which was announced in early 2020.

There’s also rumours that Capcom is currently working on a Resident Evil 4 remake which could make its debut too. In addition, a previous store listing suggests that Resident Evil 8 Village might include multiplayer. If that is the case then the showcase could premier the mode.

Take a look at the official Resident Evil Showcase trailer down below.

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