When The First Game That Requires a Ray Tracing GPU Will Release
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Ray Tracing is still new tech and right now, the only GPUs available that offer hardware accelerated Ray Tracing is the very expensive GeForce RTX range. However, we do know that the PS5 will have Ray Tracing support and that is of course with an AMD Navi GPU. With games being created with this feature in mind, it is just a matter of time before the first game that requires a GPU that supports this feature gets released.

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Don’t worry, you can start calming your wallet down, as the first game that requires a Ray Tracing GPU won’t be released any time soon. This is according to a destinguised NVIDIA scientist, Morgan McGuire. Mr McGuire works at NVIDIA’s research department focusing on Ray Tracing, VR and many other things.

Mr McGuire predicts that the first AAA game that requires this feature will only release by 2023 and that will be a time where GPUs supporting the feature will be widely available from not only NVIDIA, but AMD as well. Mr McGuire shared his prediction in a tweet, including an image that shows the history of new tech and gaming.

This makes a lot of sense if you ask me and it would be stupid for a developer to create a game that requires a GPU with this feature right now as the number of people who will be able to play it will be very limited. With the PS5 and the next Xbox expected to release in 2020 accompanied by this feature, three years should be enough time for the first AAA game that requires a GPU with the feature.

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When do you think the first AAA game that requires this feature will release and do you own a capable GPU right now? Let us know in the comment section below.






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