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Where are Those Darn Free PS5 PSVR Camera Adaptors?

The PS5 is almost two months old and it is now time to moan about Sony’s PS5 PSVR Camera Adaptor program. For many, it has been almost three months of waiting for the free accessory, which lets users plug in the old-school camera into the PS5, to arrive. Sony launched the program back on 28 October 2020. Users could enter the serial number of their PSVR into the site, along with the delivery address and contact information and the company would send them the adaptor. However, that has not gone as planned. Well, not in South Africa anyway.

Multiple users have been in touch with us to ask whether or not we had received our adaptor yet. We originally covered the “how-to” article back on 1 December 2020. This article was published a week after we applied for the adaptor through Sony’s site on 24 November 2020. Sony then sent us a confirmation that the adaptor was shipped on 4 December and it would take 6-12 business days to arrive.

Granted, it has been December which means “business days” are few and far between. In addition, COVID-19 has no doubt caused delays too but it has now been 24 business days and there’s no PSVR Camera Adaptor in sight.

According to the official FAQ, Sony claims that the adaptor started shipping already in the middle of November last year. This is when the bulk of the applications were sent. South Africans are still waiting.

  • Japan: End of October.
  • Americas: Mid-November.
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and New Zealand: Mid-November.
  • Asia: Early December.


Sony doesn’t make this easy for us either. The email they send out includes no tracking information whatsoever. They also don’t reveal how the parcel will be delivered. Is it coming via courier or is it going to the local post office?

If it is the post office, then I say we are royally screwed. The South African Post Office is in disarray at the moment with years of parcels undelivered to customers. Not to mention that this form of delivery requires a pink slip which users get in their mail. December also means that staff did not work for the majority of the month and these slips were never delivered.

We aren’t just unlucky either. We have yet to speak to one user in SA who ordered the adaptor and managed to actually get it. Everyone is just sitting in hopes that their intercom rings and there’s a guy standing there with the adaptor in a badly-damaged shipping box. One email from a user read:

“Filled in the form on 10 Nov and haven’t heard back from them. Did you get one?”

We also reached out to friends who filled in the form and they are simply waiting for it to arrive. Because no one knows how it is being delivered, we can only just sit and wait.

Over on Reddit, users mostly have positive things to say about the program. One user in Australia started a thread where citizens could share their experience and many of them all received the device. There are some odd bad ones such as Zeke423 who claims to have received the confirmation on 3 November and has yet to receive the adaptor. XboxSeriesA says that they ordered it the moment they became available and it arrived yesterday. This marks almost three months. It is either a hit or miss situation there.

Have you received yours yet? Let us know down below. We have reached out to PlayStation South Africa as well as Ask PlayStation to find out if they have an update on the delivery of the adaptors.






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